DOT Certified

Whether it’s running a gas line to your new back yard grill, installing tamper proof valves in your commercial installation, or locating an indoor or outdoor gas leak, Approved Plumbing can handle all of your gas line needs.
gas line

Repair – Indoor and outdoor

  • Gas leaks located and repaired
  • Underground and above ground service
  • Replace steel, plastic or flexible stainless steel lines
Approved Plumbing is an approved appliance connector

Installation – Indoor and outdoor

outdoor gas grill

  • Stoves
  • Clothes dryers
  • Hot water heaters
  • Fireplace starters
  • Furnace gas lines
  • Tamper proof valves
  • Meter sets
  • Infrared garage heaters
  • Swimming pool heaters

We are D.O.T certified for Columbia and Dominion East Ohio Gas